About us

Gentle is the biggest Ultimate Frisbee club in Belgium. This would be impossible withour our numerous volunteers, our board of directors and our sportcel. The board of directors is led by our president Arne Goes. He is assisted by Kristof De Schrijver and Arthur Fieuws for financials, Toon Van Lysebetten is responsible for the pitches and our members. Naomi De Baets glues all parts together and Eliot Guarini acts as communications manager. The sportcel consists of all trainers and is being lead by Astrid Vanfleteren.

What is Ultimate Frisbee?

Ultimate frisbee can be played indoor, outdoor or on the beach. At Gentle we mostly play outdoor, 7 vs 7, on a big artificial turf. The official field size measures 60×40 meter, with on each side an additional 20 meter endzone. The goal of the game is to catch the disc in the endzone of the opponents. For a nice explanation about frisbee, you can have a look at the clip our Hasselt’s friends of Diabolic Heaven made (in Dutch):

Spirit of the game

Unique to Ultimate is the Spirit of the Game. In Ultimate frisbee every player is his/her own referee. That’s why personal knowledge of rules is very important. The official rules can be found on World Flying Disc Federation, but for starters the most important things are:

  • you can’t run while holding the disc in your hands
  • you can only hold the disc for up to 10 seconds
  • body contact is not allowed

Already fancying a game? Watch below teaser of Get Horizontal and #Startthrowing!