The Gentle’s Supreme Party Oh-yeah Tournament, a.k.a. G-Spot, is a mixed Ultimate frisbee tournament that’s been around for over 15 years. We like to spoil our players with a quality recipe of high level mixed Ultimate in a nice environment. That means: great teams from all over Europe and even beyond, good food, lots of entertainment and party and all of this in a great environment. Our philosophy is that we want to serve a perfect mix of fun and sportsmanship.

The tournament is played over 3 days with 24 teams from around Europe on 5 beautiful artificial turf fields.  With 3 pool-games on Friday, 3 bracket-games on Saturday and  the final games on Sunday, teams will get the chance to enjoy all the different aspects of G-Spot, and still give their everything on a competitive level.

The tournament is hosted by Gentle, Belgium’s largest Ultimate frisbee club. It would not be possible to organise without the 50 some players, parents and friends from Gentle that help us make this a quality event. The profits are being used to develop the club and the youth division, educate new trainers, buy equipment and send our teams to other tournaments.

A lot more info on our facebook event page.

Previous winners of G-Spot
2024: Friss-die-Frisbee
2023: Belgian Mixed Masters
2022: The Globetrottels
2019: The Globetrottels
2018: Hässliche Erdferkel
2017: Lokomotive Deutschland
2016: France Mixed
2015: Get Horizontal All Star Team
2014: Quijotes + Dulcineas Ultimate Madrid
2013: BDM  (Paris – France)
2012: Great Britain Mixed
2011: Plan B (Belgian National Mixed Team)
2010: Frizzly Bears
2008: Venus Funk Trap
Made possible thanks to the city of Ghent